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How To I Get Audible Using Amazon Prime?

Because of this, you may be wondering if Amazon is combining Audible with other services, such as their well-known Amazon Prime membership plan. Audible was used an independent business, but it was recently purchased by audible  Amazon prime and is now a fully-owned divisions of

How Amazon Prime and Audible Work Together? owns both and Amazon Prime, which are subscription services. Monthly subscriptions to Audible run $7.95 or $14.95. The monthly cost of Amazon Prime is $14.99. Audible Premium Plus offers one extra audiobook credit (two instead of one) to Amazon Prime members.

Is Audible Free for Amazon Prime Customers to Use?

  1. It is free for exactly one month, after which you will begin to be billed, unless you mean by “free” what you mean by “free trial.”
  2. But this isn’t just an offer for Amazon audible  Prime customers; anyone who wants to try Audible can do so for free during the free trial period.
  3. It’s possible that some misinterpreted the additional credit offer that comes with starting an Audible trial for Amazon Prime subscribers (more on that in a moment).
    Nevertheless, you must pay for both Audible prime  and Amazon Prime in order to access them as separate subscription services.

Can You Pay for Audible via Amazon Prime?

It is not a payment processor such as PayPal account.
The Amazon Store Card, the Amazon prime  Secured Private Label Credit Card, and Amazon Pay are the three payment options connected to Amazon.
A digital credit card that can only be used on Amazon and its affiliates is called the Amazon Store Card.
Since Audible is one of these subsidiaries, you can subscribe to Audible prime  and pay with your Amazon Store Card.

  • Since Audible is one of these subsidiaries, you can subscribe to Audible and pay with your Amazon Store Cardholder.
  • Consequently, you can buy an Audible prime  membership using your Amazon Secured Private Label Credit Card, as you may have guessed.
  • Since Audible prime  memberships qualify as digital goods and services, Amazon Pay is not an accepted payment method for physical goods purchases.

Are There Any Discounts or Offers for Prime Members on Audible prime?

  • This is but one instance of the current deal they are offering. Nonetheless, if you’re paying attention, these deals and discounts appear frequently.
  • Following that, the regular $14.95 monthly cost of an Audible Premium Plus subscription will apply to your membership.
    This implies that you will receive a free month during the trial period and a discounted rate for four months.
  • You can get your first four paid months of Audible prime  Premium Plus for $5.95 per month while this offer is still in effect.
  • As of this writing, for example, there is an ongoing Audible offer that expires on December 31st of this year.

Are There Any Advantages for Prime Members on Audible prime?

  1. It turns out that even though audible  Prime members already pay a sizable monthly fee to Amazon, the company still expects them to pay the same amount for Audible as everyone else.
  2. Generally speaking, even though the parent company of these two services owns both, using both at once doesn’t offer many unique advantages.
  3. It’s now time to talk about the benefit that comes with being an Amazon Prime member when you sign up for Audible’s free trial.
  4. This implies that you can access Audible  prime for free for a month and receive two free audiobooks of your choice that you can keep forever without having to pay anything.
  5. But there is one benefit to signing up for Audible’s prime  free trial as an Amazon Prime member, and now is the right moment to talk about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Audible prime Membership?

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Can I use Alexa to listen to  amazon Audibleprime?

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You can probably get a free Audible trial if you have Amazon Prime, but you won’t be able to use it with your Prime membership. You will need to set up a new Audible account and cancel it.

You can get some free stuff by using your Prime account if you are an Amazon Prime member. It will be possible for you to obtain Amazon Prime Music. Additionally, you will have unrestricted access to the free audios and videos.
A plethora of benefits are available to members of Amazon Prime, and Audible provides a huge selection of educational and entertaining audiobooks and podcasts. It’s beneficial to both parties.


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