How To Become Hacker. No 1 Hacker In Pakistan

One of the developing markets for digital technology is Pakistan. Thus, the interest is just now beginning to rise. On the other hand, some Pakistanis are the Ethical Hackers in Pakistan in the country and operate remotely on Google, Facebook, and other well-known websites.

Let’s talk about it before we begin the list.

The basic ideas of Ethical Hackers in Pakistan.

Globally, cybersecurity is starting to pose a significant issue. Because threats are becoming more numerous and complex every day. On the internet, it is one of the most in-demand skills.

If you wish to lead Pakistan’s hacker community. Before diving into the topic of security, you should be well-versed in the fundamental concepts of areas such as operating systems, networking, web applications, system design, programming, databases, and other related fields.

In addition, these ideas form the cornerstones of a solid base. However, becoming a professional ethical hacker requires having a sincere desire to research, study, and learn new things. By automating the process, you can make your own hacking tools and stop relying on third-party hacking tools. This will save you time.

Wifi hacker apk

This prank app, Wifi Password Hacker, appears to be an actual wifi hacking app. not that it is!

Conceive your loved ones that you can use this app to break through any network! Just like any other cracker app, it scans and finds networks, displays a detailed screen with a ton of statistics and network information, and then gives you the “password” so you can appear to be connected.

It will take your friends a minute to realize that WiFi Password Hacker is a joke and not a legitimate hacking tool because it spits out extremely long, unintelligible passwords. Having said that, the passwords are ineffective, and your friends will recognize a joke if they attempt to access the network using the password displayed on the screen. This won’t make you appear like a top-tier network hacker.

It goes without saying that this is a joke app; it will not teach you how to bypass any kind of wifi security, including WPA, WPS, and WEP. If that is your goal, you should search for a WiFi app that is capable of handling password decryption as well as dictionary attacks.

Try it out—this WiFi password Hacker appears and behaves like the real deal when it comes to practical jokes!

Smart GUI Looks Like a Real Hacking Tool

This practical joke is made to appear and function exactly like genuine wireless intrusion tools that you can purchase elsewhere, but it’s not real. But no one has to know that immediately!

Gives You Your “Password” Fast

The app switches quickly between finding available networks and “hacking” them.

The scope of an Ethical Hacker in Pakistan

On freelance marketplaces like Fiver and Upwork, you can look for remote work. Furthermore, a lot of companies employ ethical hackers, which enables companies to check their computer networks and systems for vulnerabilities. They try to gain access to the system to accomplish this, just like a hostile hacker would. Still, they report their findings to the company and work to resolve them.

These are Pakistan’s most well-known lists of the top five ethical hackers.

Rafay Baloch

Cyber security researcher and top hacker in Pakistan is Rafay Baloch. 1993 was his birth year. Additionally, he graduated with honors from Baharia University Karachi with a B.Sc. in computer science. Furthermore, the university honored him by inducting his graduation degree into the Hall of Fame.

Additionally, he published a book titled “Handbook for Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing.” This book provides instructions on how to use and assess in order to carry out a penetration test. Furthermore, evaluation is also done using the mordent hacking tools.

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BBC, Express Tribune, and other renowned journals have all written about him. He found numerous flaws in Android OS, Microsoft, Google, and Safari. Additionally, the hacker has easy access to your gadget.

Rafay also won the “Pride of Pakistan” award from Pakistan in recognition of his contributions to the cyberspace. He is currently employed in Pakistan as a cyber-security advisor as well.

Shahmeer Amir

Pakistan’s top hacker and well-known bug hunter is Shahmeer Amir. Furthermore, He is among the best bug finders at the moment. 2001 was his birth year. Additionally, he graduated from Hamdard University with a (Hons) in Electrical Engineering.

Additionally, he penned a book titled “Bug bounty for dummies.” He provides instructions in this book on how to identify flaws in different security systems and fix them before alerting the company. Additionally, these businesses compensate them.

He established Veliliux, a startup advisory company that helps businesses strengthen their security and protect their assets. In addition, He currently collaborates with over 400 organizations. He is well known for discovering vulnerabilities in companies like Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook.

Additionally, he works as the cyber security adviser for Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance.

Chaudhry Mansab Ali

Chaudhry Mansab Ali is a cybersecurity expert and ethical hacker from Pakistan who has gained international recognition. Additionally, he does a fantastic job presenting at Haripur University on “Cyber and Web Security.” Moreover, He has founded five security institutes and speaks publicly.

Among the certifications he obtained were the 210W-02 Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems. He is also penning a book titled “Indo Pak cyber war conflicts.” In addition, he anchors Royal News. He is teaching students about contemporary hacking techniques while visiting numerous universities.

Ahsan Tariq

Hecker Ahsan Tahir is self-taught. He therefore begins learning at a very young age. He is watching YouTube videos and reading various articles about hacking. In addition, he managed security and bug issues for the biggest companies, including Microsoft and Google.

When he made changes to his own website, the adventure began. He thus looked into the field of hacking. because he was committed to finding and fixing the issue. Ahsan hacks throughout the day to improve security on the internet.

Additionally, He is a part-time bug bounty worker. He also wishes to pursue a career as a software engineer. Ahsan claims that he has made both the internet and the world safer. because future conflicts might be influenced by cyberspace.

Ammar Jafari

Ammar Jafari was the FIA’s former DIG. Additionally, he is Pakistan’s top hacker. He therefore has twenty years of information technology and digital forensics experience. In addition, he established Digital Pakistan. Additionally, he graduated from Punjab University with an M.Sc. in statics.

He also teaches at Islamia University in Bahawalpur. He was involved in various international cyber security projects, including Microsoft law enforcement and Interpol.

Ammar gave seminars on electronic banking, electronic governance, and emerging ICT trends.


Exceptional stories are seldom noticed at first because the bright light surrounding them blinds everyone. From a distance, stars appear small, but up close, they appear enormous. Local media must grow and commit to providing unfunded news over time. And last, if you want to become an ethical hacker, you need to be tenacious. If you are not successful, try again. Try again using a different approach. If you put in the effort, you can become a proficient ethical hacker.

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